Wednesday, April 2, 2014

         For my jobs in Human Services, I chose to do Nanny and Shampooers. These two careers may not have very much in common task wise, but they may in some other things. I find that both of these are basically summer jobs or mildly inexperienced individuals. MY chosen career is an architect, which could very easily be a lifetime career. Architect is a strong paying job that is family support worthy. If you were to choose one of the others careers that i chose in this cluster than i would be looking at more of a secondary job. I would be willing to do my career and work as a nanny or a babysitter just to give me some spending money to use on whatever it may be that brings me enjoyment. Somebody else may have two small jobs that are similar to these that may have few tasks and low pay and be able to get by with the necessities and not have a large sum of cash-flow to fulfill their random desires. If you were to decide that you wanted to be a shampooer and/or a nanny than you would have a relatively easy task of passing high school or maybe even just getting your GED. Then you could go into the low income, minor task job (that doesn't require an college or any other education for that matter) directly after high school. On the other hand, if you were to decide that you wanted to be an architect, as I have, than you would need much more education in the way of college and on the job training. The things that you will need in these human service careers that i have chosen also differ greatly in the way of advancements in technology. When being a shampooer the only thing that you may need is shampoo or any other type of bathing wash for any person or animals hair. When being a nanny you don't NEED much of anything. Some people may claim that you should have something in the vicinity of education disks and things that may help the child in succession and/or well being to carry out his or her life. Although, most nannies are not there to help the individual succeed but to watch them and make sure that they do not hurt themselves. While working in the field of architecture, the tools are far different from these two blow-off careers. While working as an architect you will use CAD (computer aided drafting) to follow along the guidelines of the person or persons that may be wanting some sort of structure that will fulfill their needs. You may also use some other type of computer/drawing technology that will draft and sketch the desire in which they want in the way of a building. If i were to work in one of these careers, i would never keep these as a career or as my main income job. I may very well have one of these when i am in college as a short lived JOB (not career) that will give me the money in which i can spend on the activities in which i choose to take part in.

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