Friday, April 4, 2014

             Considering my chosen career was architect, and one of these ones that i chose for this cluster, everything was the same. However, both of my cluster careers had to do with putting something together on a house. I chose roofer which put shingles on to help the top part of the house, as to where an architect would build the house itself. Roofers and architects would tend to talk a lot about specks on the house and what kind of roof the roofer thinks that the architect should put on. During the summer, i roofed a house just me and my dad. it took us about 3 days to finish and we put shingles over the entire thing. I would enjoy either of these jobs but i think roofer would get old a lot quicker. Maybe i'll just roof as a summer job, or a side job. But i want architect to be my lifetime CAREER.

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